What makes Letsmoove Real Estate different from others?

Letsmoove Real Estate revolutionise the property market and aim to make selling or letting your house as hassle free as possible.

  • No more bad quality and pointless photos of your home! Your home will be listed on a host of online property platforms in 3D Virtual reality. The first Real Estate company in South Africa to exclusively market all our properties in 3D Virtual reality. That enables potential buyers or tenants to view your property online as if they are there.
  • No more inconvenient or last minute viewings.
  • No more disrupted weekends due to show-houses.
  • More exposure online.
  • New innovative marketing strategies to sell your home faster.
  • Lower commission at 5.5% compared to industry standards up to 7.5%
  • No upfront fees or admin fees.
  • A dedicated personal property expert assisting you from the listing through to completion.
  • In-house maintenance team to deal with unplanned emergencies quickly and hassle free.

What is 3D Virtual Technology?

Letsmoove Real Estate uses the most advanced laser scanning technology and software to generate a 3D Showcase experience for homebuyers to move through a property and see it from any angle. Our distinct Dollhouse view gives homebuyers a completely unique sense of the property. Photo galleries lack the feel that home buyers and sellers crave. A 3D Showcase completely immerses visitors so they can create an emotional connection with your home.

How can a buyer view my house online?

A potential buyer or tenant click on the link in your property listing when they search on Property 24 or any of the other property search engines. They can also use their smart phones to scan the QR code on your "for Sale" sign of any of our other marketing promotions. The interactive experience enables a viewer to use their tablet, smartphone or mouse and click through to various areas of your home, including the ceiling, walls and floors - every inch of the home can be closely examined. Even the inside of the shower or guest toilet. Only 3D real estate tours by Letsmoove Real Estate lets buyers actually move through a property as if they were really there. Furthermore, the listing offers a total sense of a home with our proprietary Dollhouse view, enabling to view the complete house from all directions, rotate it and get a complete 3D impression of the layout of the property. A truly mind-blowing experience.

Can my property be viewed multiple times?

Yes. The advantage of viewing a property online is that the buyer or tenant can view it in his or her own time and as many times as they wish. They can even share the property with their friends and family to gain their advice and approval. The property can be viewed numerous times without having to cross your doorstep once.

On what devices can my property be viewed?

No expensive equipment is needed to view your home in 3D Virtual Reality. Any device that connects to the Internet like a smartphone, Tablet or computer can be used to view a Letsmoove property. For the complete immersive experience, Virtual Reality Goggles can be used to "walk" through the property. A separate VR link is provided on each listing.

Where will my property be listed and promoted?

Your property will be listed on all the main property search engines like Property 24 and Private Property. Where relevant, your property can also be listed on major international platforms like Zoopla and Rightmove. Your 3D Virtual Viewing will also be promoted on all social media platforms and shared with potential clients who search for a similar property profile. By using QR codes your house can also be promoted on various offline advertising campaigns and connect your listing with a multitude of viewers, hassle free.

How can my property be presented in the best possible way?

First impressions count! Instead of cleaning up your home 20 different times we advise you to make the most of this 3D laser scanning, as it will promote your home in the best possible way. But as the viewer can explore your property as real as being there, it must be cleaned, tidy and decorated as homely and welcoming as possible for the viewer to make that emotional connection. No clutter, dirty dishes or laundry to be left out. As the garden will also be presented in 360' views, it must be well kept and tidy. Make the effort to style your home as if it is an open house. A vase with flowers, fruit basket and strategically placed books and magazines can create a homely feel without being there. Your Property Expert are at hand to give you advice if needed.

How long will the 3D scanning of my property take place?

The average 3 bedroom family home will take 2-3 hours to scan. It must be done during the day in order to benefit from the natural light in the house. A suitable time will be arranged for our 3D photographer to visit your home or a key can be left with your property expert if no one is available during the day. The Virtual listing will be ready in 24 hours.

How do I arrange a market analysis?

Complete the "Book a Free Market Analysis" webform or phone the Letsmoove Real Estate Head office on 012-880-1599. A local Letsmoove Property Expert will book an appointment to view your home, provide a thorough market analysis and answer all the questions you may have. They will also demo a 3D Virtual listing to you in order for you to fully understand how your home will be listed and marketed.

Do I deal with only one Property Expert?

Yes. You will have your own personal designated property expert who will assist you from market analysis through to completion. Your Property Expert will actively market your home, matching it with the Letsmoove Database of suitable buyers. They will assist in all enquiries and accompany any serious buyers to view your property in person. Not only will they negotiate the best offer for you but also assist you through the post-sale process to ensure a hassle free completion.

Will my property expert manage any serious house viewings and offers?

Yes. Your Property Expert will contact you and arrange a convenient time to take serious buyers to view your home in person.

Will you promote my house on weekends as a show home?

No. This is only one of the benefits of the exclusive 3D Virtual viewings we offer. No more strangers through your home over a weekend. The ultimate ALWAYS-OPEN HOUSE 3D showcase is an online experience for potential buyers to move through your property and see it from any angle without having to ruin your weekend.

How do I know my belongings are safe?

Letsmoove Real Estate value your safety and that of your personal belongings. Every potential buyer or interested tenant will be verified through: ThisIsMe, our identity management and verification tool. We therefore ensure that every person who enters your home, is who they say they are.

Can I get mortgage advice or assistance?

We have outstanding independent mortgage advisers who work closely with Letsmoove Real Estate and offer free advice and assistance with your mortgage application for your new home as well as that of the buyer. Your Property Expert will arrange a no obligation meeting with one of our mortgage advisors who will assist you with the mortgage application.

What is an exclusive sole mandate?

In order for you to benefit from our exclusive 3D Virtual listings and advanced marketing strategies, we offer you an exclusive sole mandate. We will act as your only exclusive Property Agent, which enables us to market your property on all the major National online property platforms as well as social media and a variety of innovative offline initiatives.

Do I have any upfront or admin fees to be paid?

Nope. No hidden fees. No admin costs. We have a standard 5.5% + Vat, commission on our services. No bargaining, no inconsistent and unfair commission sliding scales. At Letsmoove Real Estate we are so confident that we will sell your home quickly and hassle free, that we carry all the 3D technology and marketing costs on us.

Once I accept an offer, do you manage the after sales process?

Yes. Your Property Expert will assist you with the after-sales process through to completion. We will recommend competent and efficient conveyance attorneys. These attorneys are additionally licensed to specialise in the registrations of transfers. These expert conveyancers ensure that the transfer of your property goes through smoothly and timeously. Your Property Expert are there every step of the way to answer questions and resolve any unforeseen issues.

Do I have a fixed seller commission to be paid and what does that include?

Yes. We have a standard 5.5% commission. Unlike the industry standard commissions which fluctuate between 5 - 7.5%, depending on the size of your property, property valuation, area and Estate Agent. Our 5.5% commission on the sale price includes ALL 3D Technology costs, online and offline marketing expenses. Your Property Expert's time and expertise, 3D scanning team, admin costs etc. No hidden fees, no add-ons, no admin costs. We believe in open and honest values and feel it is unfair to penalise higher end properties with a higher commission. We exclusively market ALL our properties with our state of the art 3D Technology and cutting edge marketing strategies, irrelevant of their asking price!

What is included in my letting fees?

A finders fee of one month's rent are paid for finding and processing a successful tenant for your home. This price includes ALL 3D Technology costs, online and offline marketing expenses. Your Property Expert's time and expertise, 3D scanning team, admin costs etc. It also includes the financial vetting and verification of the tenant.

A Letting Management fee of 12% of the monthly rental is charged for managing the property. Ensuring that rent is paid promptly each month, regular property inspections takes place and an inspection report be compiled after each visit. Any non or late payment issues will be dealt with including legal actions where necessary. Our in-house management team are also at hand to assist with any emergencies or repairs where needed.

What is included in the management of rented properties?

Letsmoove Real Estate will be ensuring that rent is paid promptly each month, regular property inspections take place and an inspection report be compiled after each visit. Any non-or late payment issues will be dealt with including legal actions where necessary. Our in-house management team are also at hand to assist with any emergencies or repairs where needed. An initial inventory of the fixtures and fittings, damages and condition of the house will be taken with every new tenant as well as an end of tenancy inventory. The tenant's deposit are kept in a trust account and only released once the final inspection is successfully signed off. It is important that the tenant's needs are also looked after as a happy tenant is a long-term tenant.

My Property is already on the market. Can I use Letsmoove Real Estate?

Unfortunately we only deal with exclusive sole mandates. Our advanced technology and marketing strategies came at a price and we are not prepared for mediocre efforts from other Estate Agents to benefit from our innovations, marketing and expertise.

Once you are not tied in with any other agents anymore, we are happy to list your home under our exclusive sole mandate and makes selling your home, hassle free!

Phone 012-880-1599 to arrange an initial meeting with your personal Property Expert.

The grass is definitely greener on this side of the fence!